ThatRockPaperScissorsGame at Bit Bridge

Wow, last night I had such an amazing time showcasing #ThatRockPaperScissorsGame at the Bit Bridge Indie Community at the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh PA! It’s been several years since I’ve been back to the city and I must say I miss it so much! It was great to see an old college buddy of mine doing well, living the game dev dream! I was also surprised to see how the Indie game dev scene has grown so much since I’ve been gone! I’m def looking forward to being apart of more events in my old college town!!!

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Maryland STEM Festival kickoff event

It was such an honor to be apart of yesterday’s Maryland Stem Festival kickoff event in Salisbury! I want to take a moment and thank our speakers Candice Schroepfer-Research and Development Manager for Fresh Chicken at Perdue Foods, Dr. Sam Geleta-Professor of Biology at Salisbury University and Dr. Mark A. Holland-Professor of Biology at Salisbury University for sharing all of your wisdom about the role S.T.E.M plays in modern day agriculture. These kids will be the next generation of farmers and engineers and will be using S.T.E.M to produce the food that will fuel our nation! It was amazing to see the kids reaction to playing the latest version of #Agrownomics and to see them working together to solve puzzles as well as protecting and harvesting their crops! I look forward to doing this again next year!

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Participating in a Young Entrepreneurs Summer Camp!

Yaaaaaaaaay I was super excited to participate as guess speaker, presenter and judge along with the @MDStemFest at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship summer camp program! Today we showcased our latest game #Agrownomics on the big screen to a group of about 20 kids from all over Maryland! These kids are participating in a Young Entrepreneurs Summer Camp and used our farming game to grow and harvest their own potatoes, turn them into their own style of potatoes chips and created a marketing strategy to sell their product! It was an absolute pleasure to participate in the judging process for this activity and I’m completely amazed at how well these kids put their product together!

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Representing the video game industry at Brehms Lane Public School’s First Annual Evening of Excellence

Last week i had the privilege of representing the video game industry at Brehms Lane Public School’s First Annual Evening of Excellence in Baltimore Maryland! While I spoke to these kids about making video games and becoming entrepreneurs, i was shocked to find out so many kids there are growing up in a harsh environment without many safe places to learn and express their creativity. I am grateful to have been there to show these kids a life beyond the streets and to offer them help in achieving their dreams! Looking forward to doing this again next year and I encourage my colleagues to be apart of these wonderful events like this whenever possible!!!

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